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The Blood Sisters played an encore on demand of audience

Press Release –The Blood Sisters played an encore on demand of audience

Not surprisingly, The Blood Sisters, an exclusively broadcasted TV series brought by StarTimes has become a hit since the very first day (18 Aug) on air. Surprisingly, still there are many fans of novella missed the chance to watch it. But do not worry, The Blood Sisters is broadcasted one episode each day on 19:00 pm during weekdays (Mon to Fri), Novela E since 11 Sept; and the repeated broadcasting is on at 13:00 the next day, or you can enjoy the whole 5 episodes at one time during 13:50-18:00 on Saturday.

The main characters in the hit novela are three sisters named Agatha, Erika, and Carrie are all presented by Erich Gonzales, a famous Philippine actress. They are triplets who were carried by a surrogate mother and got separated after an agreement their parents made fell through. The story started from the line of Erika, who is a dancer in a club using her beauty to lure men for money to save her son from a chronic illness. However she witnessed a murder accidentally and then was chased by the killer. On her way to escape, Erika encountered her sister Carrie who was brought up in a wealthy family. Unexpectedly the murderer mistake Carrie as Erika, giving the latter another chance to live another life belongs to the former. Later, the third sister Agatha come up and helps Erika discover the truth behind their secret lives.

The Blood Sisters received high ratings on channel and impressive engagement on social media. A fan of StarTimes’ Facebook said online: “I regret a lot for not having subscribed The Blood Sisters! Recently my friends around are all talking about it and the “eyes rolling challenge”, but hardly could I engage with them especially when I share the same name with one of the main character Agatha, it is said that she is the most popular one among the audience.”

This Agatha even sent a message under the topic of The Blood Sisters on Facebook, “The emojis from the TV series are so unique and I cannot help using them in communications online. Now I know that the “eye rolling challenge” originated from one of Agatha’s typical signs. Everyone tries to imitate that face and send the videos online for a competition. But I trust that no one could do better than another ‘Agatha’.”

So, the fans of novella just like Agatha, if you missed the first time subscribing, do not miss this time as the series just began broadcasting on Novela E.



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