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Supplying of Materials for transport, packaging, Computer and electronics, sound system tools


Tender Specifications: 

Supplying of Materials for transport, packaging, Computer and electronics, sound system tools

Date of Notice:  Wednesday 17 April 2019

Closing Date: Monday 29th April 2019

  1. Introduction

Amasezerano Community Banking (ACB) Plc is a financial institution licensed by the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) to collect savings, provide loans and other financial services credit. The Institution was registered on the 20th day July 2006 and started official operations on 21st day of August 2006 and savings and services as main products.

ACB Ltd mission is to bring a holistic transformation into the community through quality financial services. That mission starts with the most recognizable of the financial service’s responsibilities: maintaining public confidence.
ACB Ltd plays a vital role in maintaining this confidence through it stability objectives:
That objective is to deliver affordable service /products according to the needs of customers.

To be a leading Christian financial institution that contributes to holistic and sustainable development and Our Moto is “Taking financial services closer to the People


The AMASEZERANO COMMUNITY BANKING (ACB Plc) invites sealed bids from eligible and competent authorized dealers/suppliers for Supply of Materials for transport, packaging, computech&electronics. The aim is to achieve a reliable supplier of those materials as mentioned for ACB Plc‘s Clients at a reasonable cost (price). The contract period shall be one year (1) with an option to review subject to satisfactory of service.

  1. Scope

To Provide: SOUND SYSTEM TOOLS, TAILORING MACHINE, ELECTRONICS & COMPUTERS, TRANSPORT (Moto) and PACKAGING Material. (Attachment is a list of materials Name)


Those materials must available any time on demand by the clients. Availability when our analyses are finished to the clients, materials is a must to be avails.


  1. Specific Tasks/Activities

To have robust and reliable procedure to ensure all material are supplied to the clients of ACB plc; ACB Plc is charged only for such Materials are not used. We require access or visits all materials for during normal working hours and occasionally outside normal working hours.

  1. Methodology of Repayments

The invoice will be submitted with the copies of vouchers/summary containing, and the payment will done on account opened in ACB Plc. Prices quoted should be net inclusive of all taxes and must be expressed in Rwandan Francs and shall remain valid for at least one (1) year (renewable) from the signed date. The selected Bidder must opening account in ACB Plc where the payments will be done .

  1. Instruction of Tenders
  2.  Eligible Tenderers

This invitation for Tenders is open to all tenderers eligible as described in the Invitation to Tender

  1.  Terms of Reference
  • Bids must be stated in Rwanda Francs ;
  • Bids must be in unit price (Per material)
  • Bids must be specified if VAT is included or not;
  • Bidders must submit 2019 Tax clearance;
  • Bidder must have IBM to facilitate payment as per RRA regulations;
  • Bids must demonstrate the supplier’s capacity to deliver the stated scope of items;
  • Participation to the competition is open on equal conditions to all companies The successful bidder will sign a one-year contract renewable (upon satisfaction with the quality of service);
  • Successful Bidder is expected to keep the same price for one year (period of contract);
  1.  Documents Comprising the Bid

The Bids shall comprise of the following:

  • Brief company profile
  • Technical proposal
  • Financial proposal
  • Methodology
  • Full address of bidding company indicating Country, Province, District, Sector, Cell, Village, Street number, E-mail, telephone number.
  • Copy of Trading License;
  • Original or a certified copy of the tax clearance certificate 2019;
  • VAT certificate offered by RRA up to date one;
  • References of at least two similar contracts executed with other companies well written bids, written in English, properly arranged should be submitted in a sealed envelope to The ACB Plc HeadOffice/Reception located at SONATUBE. Deadline for submission is Friday 29 April 2019 at 10:00 am.  On the envelope should be marked in capital letters: BID FOR SUPPLYING OF MATERIALS.
  • The internal tender committee will evaluate the bids, and then after a decision is made we will contact the preferred bidder by 30th April 2019 by email or Telephone.
  • upon payment of non-refundable fees of 10,000Rwfs payable to account number 00040-00281495-34 opened in BK (AMASEZERANO COMMUNITY BANKING ),
  • Bring payment proof ( bank slip )

Note: Bidders who would wish to have a hard copy of this tender document can     collect it from our Office reception. (Attachment is a list of materials Name)


     Finance and Administration Manager

Done in Kigali


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