UMUSEKE IT is an innovative Media and IT Company since January 2011 with a mission of participating in the dawning journey of Rwanda .

Got inspiration and motivation from the bitter past of Rwanda where the media in 1994 was one of the key drivers of the genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda through young people and killed more than 1,000,000 people. As Rwandan youth we decide to use the same tools (Media and youth) in peace building, healing wounds and empowering the community. This why we started UMUSEKE media which means “DAWN”.

After five years of hard work and commitment, UMUSEKE has the most popular, influential and successful Digital Media house in Rwanda competing against 20 other media houses including state-owned ones.

Later, we realized that Rwanda needs more than peace building and expanded to a media house that serves as educational, informative and advocating media for the people with the maximum of professionalism.

Having a popular news portal and a very active social media interaction UMUSEKE became trusted online brand which attracted corporate companies, SMEs and government to expose their services to this bigger audience by paying advertisement fees.

From scratch, we realized an income which helped for self-financing through sponsored adverts and IT services. UMUSEKE IT LTD is the first to have high-quality photos and popular social media where we have thousands of followers and friends located in the different location of Rwanda and abroad.

To accomplish this, UMUSEKE IT LTD trained a united team of young reporters, editors, web designers, graphic designers, content managers, photographers and camera specialists who make it be a recommended company for unique dynamic and effective team to work with.

UMUSEKE won different local, regional and international awards with various global recognitions including the office of USA president – White House. Due to the feedback from clients we serve, our partnership brought a remarkable positive change and beyond their expectations.

We every day strive to make a significant impact to the community. We love to hear from you, any comment, suggestion or advice is welcome.

Marcel Mutsindashyaka
Chief Executive Officer



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